Running 100 Miles for St. John Ambulance: The Story So Far

As I am writing this, I am 81.2 miles into the running challenge I’ve set myself, which is to run 100 miles for St. John Ambulance, within 30 days. This means I am less than a quarter of the way from completion, and in addition, have already succeeded my fundraising target. Nonetheless, the more I can raise the better, and am grateful for any contributions.

Why am I doing this?
I have been a member of St. John Ambulance since October 2019, and although the current pandemic has compromised standard duties somewhat, I believe it is important to support the organisation in other ways, and as someone who runs frequently, when I saw the challenge advertised, I found it difficult to say no.

Depending on your point of view, the organisation has either been in existence since the 11th century as a knightly order, or since 1887 as the first aid organisation that we now know it, and has done a vast amount of good work both in the UK and other countries since it was chartered by Queen Victoria. They provide first aid cover for various events, assist healthcare services in a number of ways, and in recent months, have been at the forefront of supporting the NHS and other agencies during the Covid-19 crisis. It is because of the vital support that St. John Ambulance gives that I believe they are a more than worthy charity support, and that’s far from my own bias speaking.

How’s it going so far?
So far, I’ve run in various locations in Alresford and the surrounding villages, once along Southsea, and on three different areas along the Southwest Coast Path. And the latter was definitely tough, with steep geography clearly not built for runners. But, through shin splints and soreness, and many a narrow lane, I’ve gotten three quarters of the way there, with a good portion of my time left to spare. I’ve run across beaches, bridges, up hills and clifftops, and through various destinations such as Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Sidmouth, Southsea and more, and it’s all been worth it. Below, I’ve compiled a small gallery of scenic photographs I’ve taken on various runs for you to enjoy.

Top left: Watermouth Bay, North Devon, top right: Billygoats Bridge? (near Watermouth Bay), lower right: Sidmouth Promenade, bottom: sunset near Old Alresford.


Also, as mentioned, I’ve already beat my target, having raised over £200 already, and all of that will help fund the good work of St. John, and contribute to ensuring enough resources are maintained for them to provide the vital support needed. I’m still fundraising as hard as I can, and I’m putting out this blog post to spread the word a little more.

I’ll sign off by giving an enormous thank you to those who have donated so far, and also those who intend on donating yet. St. John is a fantastic organisation to support, and I am more than glad to have had the opportunity to do this slightly crazy challenge.

Fundraising link:

Angus Andrews

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